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SSC Meeting Room Guidelines & Maps

In an effort to make reserving our meeting rooms easier below are the updated room specs.

COVID Meeting Room Guidelines

In order to aid with social distancing requirements, new limits have been put in place for conference rooms. These new capacity limits have been posted at the entrance to each conference room and excess chairs have been removed.

• All associates are expected to adhere to the new conference room capacity limits (see Meeting Room Table below)
• Associates should not add additional chairs to conference rooms
• Hand sanitizer stations and cleaning supplies will be available in each conference room to aid with cleaning the space after use. Please do so as a courtesy to those who will use the room later • When it makes sense, consider continuing to use Microsoft Teams for meetings

How to Secure a Meeting room

• Open a new meeting in your calendar and add the necessary information and attendees
• Click “Add Attendees” at the top of the page
• Room finder will automatically open on the right side of the page
• Under “Show a room list: click the drop down and select “CONF-SSC: All Rooms”
• This will show you all the meeting rooms available during your selected time.
• Under “Choose an available room:” select which meeting room you’d like to secure.
*Note: if no rooms show available, you'll need to adjust the time of your meeting to find a meeting room.
• Once you have clicked on the meeting room you’d like to secure, be sure to click “Send” on the invitation to properly secure the room.

Securing a meeting room notes:
• It’s the meeting organizer’s responsibility to make sure the room is secured properly. If it’s not secured and someone else secures the room instead – they’ve got “dibs”
• You must secure your room through your meeting request. This way, if you cancel your meeting, the room will automatically be cancelled and become available again

Your Meeting

In order to make sure our meeting rooms are available and equipped when we need them, we ask that all meeting organizers follow the below guidelines when securing any meeting room:

Meetings with less than 3 attendees should be held in an office if at all possible
• Do not bring a broken chair into a meeting room and swap out for a meeting room chair. If your chair is broken, please email and we will get you a replacement.
• Secure a meeting room to accommodate the number of attendees. (If you only have 5 attendees, you should secure a smaller room.)
• Do not use push-pins, nails, tape or other pokey/sticky items to hang things on the walls. You may use Post-It Easel Pad paper on the walls. Anything you put up for your meeting must come down immediately after your meeting.
Clean the room when you leave! This means remove all catering, trash, handouts and materials and clean the white board of any meeting notes. You don’t like to walk into a messy room and neither does the next person.
• Be courteous of other meetings and end your meeting at the scheduled time.
• To cancel your meeting, open the meeting and click “Cancel Meeting” in the top left corner. This will remove the meeting from the room and your attendees’ calendars.
Note: Do not type “Canceled” in the subject line. This will leave the room still blocked and unavailable for use.

Meeting Room Leaders

There are Meeting Room Leaders in different areas around the building that can help you secure your meeting room if you need assistance. They will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the meeting rooms. Which means if you leave the room messy when you’re finished … they’ll be calling you to remind you to clean up. :)

Merchandising Priority Rooms

We have 3 rooms that are considered vendor priority rooms and should only be used if all other rooms are booked: DeMatteo, Carlson and Fontaine. (These are located near the front lobby.) These rooms are available to view/secure; however, if these rooms are needed for merchandising/vendor meetings you may be bumped and asked to secure another room. So use these as a last resort.

The Meetings & Travel Team

The Meetings & Travel team is responsible for overseeing all GameStop meeting space and available to assist you in any large internal/external meetings. If you have questions regarding meetings please email Corp-Meetings&

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