Meetings, Travel, & Space Information



Maintenance Requests

If you need to talk about issues with plumbing, electrical, HVAC, walls, floors, carpet, paint, bathrooms, trash, or even pest control, please contact maintenance by submitting a ticket at Please note that neither or will be monitored moving forward.

Space Planning at the SSC

New Hire On-Boarding Process

Requesting a cube or office for your new hire: As you probably already know, but space planning can be tricky! If you have any open job reqs that will require a new seat, please e-mail us as soon as your new position is APPROVED. Please do NOT wait until an offer is accepted, as that only gives us a week or two to find you a solution.

IT department cube requests: Cube requests for IT new hires go through Connie Amish.

New Chair or Standing Desk requests

The Meetings & Travel team currently supports new requests for chairs and standing desk solutions. To request one of these items:

For Medical Necessity
- Complete the Workstation Request Form
- The form must be signed by your supervisor, or it will not be accepted
- E-mail the form & your doctor's note to
- Once HR has approved your request they will send your form to the M & T team to start the order process.

For All Other Requests
- Complete the Workstation Request Form
- The form must be signed by your supervisor, or it will not be accepted
- E-mail the form to

-The Meetings & Travel Team places a new order for these items every few weeks
- Once the order is placed, it will take 4-5 weeks for GameStop to receive the order
- Chairs: once we receive the order, Space Planning will e-mail you to come pick up your chair
- Standing desks: once we receive the order, Corporate Shop will deliver directly to your cube.
- Corporate Shop prioritizes the delivery of standing desks based on their workload. It may take a few work days for them to deliver to you.

Maintenance Requests

The Meetings & Travel team handles space related questions in regards to cube / office requests, chair and varidesk requests, and 620 Westport Parkway. You can e-mail for any of the above questions.

All other questions in regards to the building, or your personal work space may be directed to Maintenance. Some of these include:

- Issues with the bathrooms
- Request for new trashcans
- Requests in regards to the building temperature
- Carpet, floor questions or issues
- Questions or issues regarding the paint in the building
- Issues with pest control

Other Office Supplies

Check with your supervisor first. Each department should have an associate that orders supplies for their team members. However, if your department does not have a designated supplies order assocate, you can e-mail Corp - Supplies with your needs. Some of these needs include, but are not limited to:

- Whiteboards or corkboards
- Tape, white out, staples, etc
- Pens, highlighters
- Calendars
- Pretty much anything you can find at Office Max, minus the chairs of course!