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All other Questions

Please contact Samantha Vogel.  Samantha is the lead planner for the EB Games Canadian Conference.

Expo & Canadian Cup

Expo Walkabout

Just like last year, We will be hosting our Expo Walkabout in the afternoon! This is your free time to go booth to booth and really learn from our vendors. Make sure to get your passport stamped!

Expo Passports

During the Expo Walkabout on Tuesday, September 10th, make sure to complete your passport by stopping by and talking to all our Expo Vendors. You'll have from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm to complete you passport! At 5:00 pm, you'll turn your passport into Tim O'Reilly. Don't worry! We'll make an announcement at 5:00 pm reminding you to turn in your passports and telling you where on the show floor you can find Tim!

You'll want to make sure you've completed the passport because only complete passports will be entered into our raffle drawings!

Passport Raffle Drawing

Remember last year in-between the end of the Expo Tournament but before the crazy semi-finals cereal eating contest when Jim was on-stage throwing out vendor swag?! Yeah, we're turning that into an offical raffle this year. If you completed your Expo Passport, this year between the end of the main round of the 2019 Canadian Cup and the beginning of the semi-finals, you might win some of that swag!

2019 Canadian Cup Tournament

Here the deal...last year was a little wild and crazy! It was our first Expo Tournament and I know there was some confusion for both vendors and attendees. But never fear...this year, we got the gist and we're going to make some changes to make this tournament bigger & better! Here's some things we'll be doing differently this year:

- We're going to make sure you have WAY more time to connect with your team before the tournament
- We're going to host a few conference calls before Conference with you and your tournament team so you can strategize
- We're going to send an Expo Tournament Know Before You Go this year, in addition to the Conference Know Before You go
- All Expo Tournament information will be posted right here too...I mean everything!
- This year, for the first time ever, we're going to have a 2019 Conference App and the tournament will have it's own App page!
- We're going to make the rotations from booth to booth a little easier
- We will absolutely NOT have any eating contests :)
- We have an awesome District Manager Focus group that's working make this year's tournament even better!

2019 Canadian Cup Team Assignments

Once Registration closes, and once all our 2019 EB Games Expo Vendors have confirmed their Conference attendance, we'll start assigning Expo Tournament teams. We'll send a team introductory email and we'll also host a few team conference calls prior to Conference so you have a chance to chat with each other and plan out your strategy.

Once we assign teams and send introductory e-mails, we'll post the teams to this page as well!

2019 Canadian Cup Spirit Contest

Spirit Fingers anyone?! This year, we're going to have an official Expo Tournament Spirit Contest. We haven't finalized all of the details around this just yet, but once we do they'll be posted right here! But basically, we want you and your team to get rowdy and have some fun. We'll be selecting some judges from our executive team and during the intermission between the end of the tournament and before the semi-finals start (after the vendor swag raffles) we'll be awarding a 2019 Canadian Cup Spirit Stick to the team with the most energy and excitement!