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Please contact Samantha Vogel.  Samantha is the lead planner for the EB Games Canadian Conference.

Things To Do

Fun Things to do in in your virtual location!

There are plenty of things to do at each of our virtual locations. Here are a few ways to find the best thing for your adventurous preferences:

Facebook: Click on this cool new app and find the 3 bars at the bottom. Click on the bars and find the Events category. Up will pop hundreds of cool things for you to do before or after your virtual Conference.
The Google: Go to Safari on your smart phone. Open up Google and enter “to do in (your city)” in the search bar. The fancy little app will give you lots of choices as well.
Open Table: Need reservations during your outings? We got you covered! Open up Open Table and search for your favorite eatery. A reservation is yours with a click of a button. Tell them EB Games sent you for a 50% discount. (Please tell me if this actually works, lol).