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Please contact Samantha Vogel.  Samantha is the lead planner for the EB Games Canadian Conference.

Travel & Hotel


Do you get air sick? Nervous to fly? This this is the year for you! No flights this year or 3AM shuttles to get to the airport on time.


Who needs to drive when you're attending Conference from your comfy couch! Put on those Chewbacca slippers, kick back and get ready for Virtual Conference!


You are in charge of your own housing this year. Good news, you are able to make it all comfy cozy with your own furniture, decorations, and maybe even a pet.


Due to the continuing concerns around COVID-19, all attendees will be assigned individual accommodations this year. Yep, that's right. We will not require you to host another Store Manager in your home. You're welcome everyone.


With Conference taking place from home this year we understand that you may have family members or roommates that you live with. Just like years past, you will be given confidential information during Conference. Please ensure you have a private space in your home during this time and put boundaries with your family and friends on interruptions during Conference hours.


If you end up on a shuttle somehow, HOP OFF, you aren't going the right way! That's right, we won't have 3 AM shuttles to get to the airport on time this year. Enjoy the extra sleep.


The good news is you don't have to worry about packing this year. No more forgetting your toothbrush or making sure your luggage is under the 50 lb limit. Or is that just Samantha and Ashley?