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Please contact Samantha Vogel.  Samantha is the lead planner for FLM.

Dates & Details


All GameStop associates that hold a Field Leadership position (Group Store Leader or above) prior to April 20th, 2021 are eligible to attend the 2021 Virtual Field Leadership Meeting.


The meeting will take place virtually via Teams. You will receive an updated invitation with the meeting link prior to March 2nd.


All attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times during the event. Any etiquette that does not follow the GameStop Code of Conduct (located in your employee handbook) will be subject to disciplinary action.

While this is a virtual event, you will be responding directly to GameStop executives, as well as participating in real-time chats with the SSC. Please be on time and engaged in all virtual events!


All information presented at the 2021 Virtual Field Leadership Meeting is propriatary and confidential. You may NOT share any information on any social medium (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, reddit, texts to friends/colleagues, etc.). You may NOT forward or share the meeting invitation to any individual, GameStop assoicate or not. If you feel someone has been left off the invite, you need to contact Any violation of this poliucy could result in immediate expulsion from the meeting and termination of employment.