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Please contact Samantha Vogel.  Samantha is the lead planner for FLM.

Frequently Asked Questions

REgistration Questions

Q: Where is the meeting held?
A: The meeting will be held at Omni Fort Worth in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Q: Who is attending the meeting?
A: All Gamestop associates that hold a Field Leadership position before the close of registration on Thursday, January 31st.

Q: When can I register?
A: Registration opens on Monday, January 14th.

You may register up until registration closes on Thursday, January 31st.

Q: What are the arrival dates?
A: Regional Leaders & VP of Stores: Monday, 3/4/19 by 12:00pm (noon): Meeting will be held from 2pm – 5pm
Field HR Leaders: Monday, 3/4/19 by 12:00pm (noon): Meeting will be held from 2pm – 5pm
Field LP Leaders, District Leaders & Group Store Leaders: Monday, 3/4/19 by 3:45pm: (opening general session will begin at 5:00 pm)

Q: What are the departure dates?
A: Thursday, 3/7/19 after 3:30pm: All attendees

Q: Will we receive an email confirmation from the registration website?
A: Yes, after completing your registration, you will receive a registration confirmation email.

Hotel& transportation Questions

Q: Do I make my own flight arrangements?
A: Yes, after completing the registration questions, you will be directed to Egencia to book your flight through our Egencia meeting portal. Please do not book your flight in the Egencia transient portal (like you do for normal business travel), otherwise, it will hit your regional budget and not our meeting budget. Make sure you complete BOTH your registration AND your flight booking. There is a hard cutoff date to book your flight to FLM this year. Please make sure you book your flight by 11:59 pm PST on Thursday, February 7, 2019!

Q: Will I be charged if I change my flight?
A: Yes. If an attendee elects to change their travel information after the ticket has been issued, any change fees will be the responsibility of the traveler. However, you have 24 hours from the time of issue to change without a penalty.

Q: Will all flight itineraries be sent out electronically?
A: Yes, all flight confirmations will be emailed out individually to the email address used in your Egencia profile.

Q: I booked my flight under the Meetings tab in Egencia. Why do I still see the charge in my Concur Expense profile?
A: Concur Travel tracks airline expenses by the traveler name, not the credit card number. Please do not expense the flight charges in your Concur Expense profile - simply delete them. If you are unsure how to delete the expense, please contact

Q: I am driving to FLM instead of flying. How do I expense my mileage?
A: To expense mileage, please submit the mileage expense form found here to Mileage is reimbursible at 58 cents per mile.

Q: Do I make my own hotel reservations?
A: No, your hotel reservations will be made for you once you complete your on-line registration. GameStop will be covering the costs associated with your FLM hotel stay, checking in Monday, March 4th and checking out Thursday, March 7th. Any additional night stays, either for Stay & Play purposes, or for personal preference will be at your own expense.

Q: What if I have a preferred roommate?
A: All attendees below director level are required to roommate. Contact your preferred roommate early to confirm they would like to share a room. You must list each other as your preferred roommate on the registration website. If you request a roommate who does not request you, we will assign you another roommate.

Q: How will I receive correspondence prior to the meeting?
A: We will send out meeting communications via email. Please make sure to check your email for any new information and updates.

Arrival Questions

Q: What is the dress code and what do I need to pack?
A: You may wear clean, un-torn, business appropriate jeans with a collared or business appropriate shirt to all meetings and functions. The average Texas weather in March is a high of 79 and low of 56 degrees.

Q: Will transportation be provided to and from the airport and hotel?
A: If you elected to drive to FLM instead of flying, in order to expense mileage, you MUST submit the mileage expense form found here to no later than, Thursday March 28th. Any mileage submitted after this date will not be reimbursable. Please note the following:
• You will only be reimbursed up to the average flight cost for your Region. This cost will be calculated by the Meetings & Travel team after conference but you can get a rough idea by checking current airfare cost.
• There is no gas reimbursement.
• If you are driving more than 4 hours you must obtain approval from your Regional Leader.
• Only the associate whose car is being driven may submit mileage for reimbursement. If another associate rides with you, you will not be reimbursed for their mileage.
• Parking must be on your hotel room bill in order to verify you drove to FLM.
• If drive time extends outside of scheduled arrival/departure days, hotel and meal expenses will not be reimbursed.
• You may NOT submit your mileage through Motus.
• All mileage expense forms will be submitted to accounting at the same time after the deadline of Thursday, March 28th.
• Reimbursement checks will be sent to the home address on file in Workday at the time it is submitted.
• Checks will be sent from Commerce Bank and NOT GameStop.

Q: Will I need a rental car?
A: Rental cars are not needed, as we have secured transportation for all off-site activities. Exception: VP of Stores may secure a rental car through Samantha Vogel.

Q: What ammenities can I access at the hotel?
A: You can sign up for the Omni Select Guest program by going to and creating an account. When you join the Omni layalty program, you will receive, complimentary 3MB internet access in youtr guest room, opportunity to earn free nights, Complimnetary morning beverage delivery, complimentary pressing - 2 items, complimentary bottled water - night of arrival only, complimentary shoe shine, express check-in and check-out. All guests, regardless of if you sign up for Omni Select, will be able to access the 24 hour fitness center.

Agenda Questions

Q: Are all of the scheduled events mandatory?
A: Yes. All attendees are required to attend every scheduled session and event.

Q: For Dinner on our own evenings, what's around the hotel?
A: For you tenured DLs, it's back to your old stomping grounds! That's right, Sundance Square will be your evening playground and it's just a few blocks walking distance away from Omni Fort Worth. You can check out all the great dining options in Sundance Sqaure here!

Stay & Play in Fort Worth

Q: What is the Omni hotel GameStop rate for pre and post night reservations for Stay & Play?
A: The GameStop rate at Omni Fort Worth is $219 before tax. Check out our Stay & Play page for more details on how to book your Stay & Play reservations!