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Please contact Samantha Vogel.  Samantha is the lead planner for FLM.

Travel & Hotel


After completing the registration questions, you will be directed to Egencia to book your flight. Please make sure to book your flight in the Egencia Meetings Portal, not the Egencia transient site where you book normal business travel! Make sure you complete BOTH your registration AND your flight booking.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to book your flight through the Egencia Meetings Portal.

Hard Cutoff for Booking FLM Flights: You must book your flight to FLM by 11:59 pm PST on Thursday, February 7, 2019!

When you receive your airline confirmation, please review it very carefully for accuracy; and to see what airport you will be flying to/from and what day and time. You have 24 hours from the date of issue to notify Egencia of any changes that need to be made to your flight itenerary. If an attendee elects to change their travel information after the 24 hour grace period, any change fees will be the responsibility of the traveler.

Travel for dates other than those listed on your registration invitation will need approval from your supervisor.


Shuttles will be provided for Field Leadership on Monday, March 4th and Thursday, March 7th from Dallas Fort Worth Airport to the Omni Fort Worth Hotel.

These shuttles have been pre-paid for you and include greeters at the airport, baggage handling, transportation and tips. If you elect to not use this service when you arrive, other forms of transportation are not a reimbursable expense.

Shuttle Details

Arrival Instructions: Upon your arrival, please proceed to the appropriate Baggage Claim area denoted by your airline where you will get your luggage. Once you have all your belongings, please proceed to the closest of the following locations for your shuttle pickup. Shuttles pass through the terminals every 30 mins.

A 15 @ green Passenger Pick-Up signs
B 20 @ green Passenger Pick-Up signs
C 19 @ green Passenger Pick-Up signs
D 21 @ blue Tour/Charter Bus signs
E 7 or 35 @ green Passenger Pick-Up signs

Please contact Bobby Wagner 877-589-2671 or by email once you have your luggage and are waiting for the shuttle at one of the pickup locations listed above.


Your hotel reservations will be made for you once you complete your on-line registration. All attendees will be staying at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel located in Fort Worth, TX.

GameStop will be covering the costs associated with your FLM hotel stay, checking in Monday, March 4th and checking out Thursday, March 7th. Any additional night stays, either for Stay & Play purposes, or for personal preference will be at your own expense.


Any attendee below director level is required to have a roommate.

Contact your preferred roommate early to confirm they would like to share a room. You must list each other as your preferred roommate on the registration website. If you request a roommate who does not request you, you will be assigned another roommate.


Great news! Every day will be jeans appropriate at the FL Meeting.


The weather can be a little crazy in Texas! We've even had years there was a Texas ice storm over FLM. So even though we're going to give you the average, it's best to plan for everything! The average Texas weather in March is a high of 66 - 72 and low of 45 - 52 degrees.

Vacationing in Conjunction: Stay & Play

Want to stay and get your honky tonk on? Here's what you need to know

Hotel: The Omni Fort Worth will be honoring the GameStop room rate three nights prior and three nights post FLM. The room rate is $219 a night + Tax (that includes the resort fee). While GameStop will be making your FLM reservations for you, it's your responsibility to book your own stay & play room nights.

Flights: As you know, your flight to and from DFW is covered in our Meeting budget, regardless of when you choose to arrive and depart, so long as you are in attendance at the specified time and date! However, you will need to book flights for your family. Remember, it's spring break time so book your flights ASAP! Click here for more information!

Travel Expenses

Please review the below expenses related to traveling to the 2018 FLM:

Airfare: GameStop will cover the cost of your roundtrip airfare to DFW, TX, if booked through the Egencia Meetings Portal on or before Friday, February 7, 2019 at 11:59pm PST (instructions below under To Register and Book Your Flight). GameStop will not cover the cost for any change fees associated with incorrect bookings. Additionally, if you fail to book your flight by February 7th, before 11:59pm PST, GameStop will not cover the cost of your airfare to FLM.

Driving: If you elected to drive to FLM instead of flying, in order to expense mileage, you MUST submit the mileage expense form found here to no later than, Thursday March 28th. Any mileage submitted after this date will not be reimbursable. Please note the following:
• You will only be reimbursed up to the average flight cost for your Region. This cost will be calculated by the Meetings & Travel team after conference but you can get a rough idea by checking current airfare cost.
• There is no gas reimbursement.
• If you are driving more than 4 hours you must obtain approval from your Regional Leader.
• Only the associate whose car is being driven may submit mileage for reimbursement. If another associate rides with you, you will not be reimbursed for their mileage.
• Parking must be on your hotel room bill in order to verify you drove to FLM.
• If drive time extends outside of scheduled arrival/departure days, hotel and meal expenses will not be reimbursed.
• You may NOT submit your mileage through Motus.
• All mileage expense forms will be submitted to accounting at the same time after the deadline of Thursday, March 28th.
• Reimbursement checks will be sent to the home address on file in Workday at the time it is submitted.
• Checks will be sent from Commerce Bank and NOT GameStop. Hotel: GameStop will only be covering the cost of your FLM hotel rooms for the nights of Monday, March 4th – check out Thursday, March 7th. Any additional night stays, either for Stay & Play purposes, or for personal preference will be at your own expense. These additional days out of the office will be considered vacation time and should be recorded in WorkDay. • Note: You will be required to put down a credit card when you check into the hotel. This card is pre-authorized to cover the costs associated with any incidentals you purchase to your room (i.e. room service, movies, long distance phone calls, etc.). GameStop will NOT cover any costs associated with incidentals. If you don’t charge any incidentals to your room, your card will be refunded the pre-authorization amount.

Travel Expenses to FLM: Please review the below approved travel expenses:
Lunch will be served for Regional Leaders and HR Leaders upon arrival at hotel. Therefore, Regional Leaders & HR leaders may not expense lunch on Monday. GSLs, DLs, and LP Leaders, since you are scheduled to arrive after lunch on Monday, March 4th, you may expense your lunch on March 4th as normal business travel, if you are traveling during lunch hours. Please comply with travel policy guidelines associated with per diems.

Travel Expenses back home after FLM: Please review the below approved travel expenses:
As you are scheduled to arrive after lunch on Monday, March 4th, you may expense your lunch on March 4th as normal business travel, if you are traveling during lunch hours. Please comply with travel policy guidelines associated with per diems.

Additional Business Expenses during FLM: Once you arrive at Omni Fort Worth, you should not have need to make any purchases associated with business needs. If you have any concerns or questions about what is and what is not a reimbursable purchase during FLM, please contact or stop by the registration desk at FLM.