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Please contact Samantha Vogel.  Samantha is the lead planner for FLM.

2018 Registration


Registration for the 2018 FLM is now closed.


Monday, 3/5/18 by 11:00am: RL Workshop Group (invitation only)

Monday, 3/5/18 by 12:00pm: HR Leaders (1:00 pm meeting)

Monday, 3/5/18 by 1:00pm: Regional Leaders (afternoon meeting)

Monday, 3/5/18 by 4:00pm: Regional Loss Prevention Leaders, Group Store Leaders, District Leaders, District Leader Mentors (Kickoff Dinner begins at 6:00 pm)


Regional Loss Prevention Leaders, HR Leaders, Group Store Leaders, District Leaders, District Leader Mentors: Thursday, 3/8/18 (Flights may depart after at 12:30pm. You need to give yourself 2.5 hours for transport and security at Orlando airport!)

Regional Leaders: Thursday, 3/8/18 (Flights may depart after 3:30pm. This time provides 2.5 hours for transport and security lines at Orlando airport, which is required).

Booking your Flight

You are required to book your own flight for the 2018 FLM meeting through the Egencia Meeting Portal. Please follow these quick and simple steps to register and book your own flight.

Note: The deadline to book flights is 11:59PM PST on Friday, February 2, 2018.

1. Log into Egencia as you normally would.
2. You will need to select “Book” in the top left hand corner, and then select the “Meetings” tab in the dropdown. You MUST proceed under the “Meetings” tab in order to link to the GameStop Meeting card to secure payment.
3. You will then be routed to the Meetings page where you will need to select the “2018 Field Leadership Meeting.”
4. You should then be taken to a page where you will see your name. On the far-right side, select “Add a Flight.”
5. Enter your flight search criteria. Be sure to check the arrival/departure dates at the top of this registration invitation. Please note, you must fly into Orlando International airport (MCO). If you're planning on taking Vacation in Conjunction, you'll need to know your vacation dates before you book this flight!
6. Follow the prompts and select your preferred departing and returning flights. Remember that GameStop will only pay for one flight booking. All changes made after your initial booking will be the responsibility of the traveler to cover the cost of the change fee and any additional fees in airfare.
7. Once you have selected your preferred flights, you will be routed to a Flight Details page to review your selection. Please take the time to review the rules and restrictions noted on the page. If everything looks correct, at the bottom of the page check the box stating, “I have read and accept the rules and restrictions.” Then, click the link to “continue to check out.”
8. On the Trip Preferences page, you will need to input your mobile phone number, as well as your TSA related information. Your name must be input exactly as it appears on your government issued ID! You must also complete the dropdown for department selection, where you will need to select your region. This is for our record – the cost of your flights will still be charged to our Meeting card. The only items to be billed back to the region are incidentals and any additional flights booked in error. Select “Continue” at the bottom of the page. Note: If you are booking with American Airlines, and you have status that allows you preferred seating options, you will need to call American Airlines directly post booking to select your preferred seats.
9. You will then be taken to the Payment Information page. Again, please review your flight itinerary. If everything still looks correct, go ahead and “Complete this Purchase.”
10. After you complete purchase, you’ll be redirected to a final itinerary page, which should include your confirmation number. You will also receive an email with your itinerary from Egencia. When viewing your itinerary, make sure you have a green check mark indication the booking is complete!

Please email with any questions regarding your registration or flight.

Travel Expenses

Please review the below expenses related to traveling to the 2018 FLM:

Airfare: GameStop will cover the cost of your roundtrip airfare to Orlando, FL, if booked through the Egencia Meetings Portal on or before Friday, February 2, 2018 at 11:59pm PST (instructions below under To Register and Book Your Flight). GameStop will not cover the cost for any change fees associated with incorrect bookings. Additionally, if you fail to book your flight by February 2nd, before 11:59pm PST, GameStop will not cover the cost of your airfare to FLM.

Driving: If you elected to drive to FLM instead of flying, in order to expense mileage, please submit the mileage expense form found here to Mileage is reimbursible at 54.5 cents per mile.

Hotel: GameStop will only be covering the cost of your FLM hotel rooms for the nights associated with your expected arrival/departure arrival time communiated to you via the registration invitation. Therefore, for all attendees in 2018, GME will cover hotel costs for check in March 5th – check out March 8th. Any additional night stays, either for Stay & Play purposes, or for personal preference will be at your own expense. These additional days out of the office will be considered vacation time and should be recorded in WorkDay. • Note: You will be required to put down a credit card when you check into the hotel. This card is pre-authorized to cover the costs associated with any incidentals you purchase to your room (i.e. room service, movies, long distance phone calls, etc.). GameStop will NOT cover any costs associated with incidentals. If you don’t charge any incidentals to your room, your card will be refunded the pre-authorization amount.

Travel Expenses to FLM: Please review the below approved travel expenses
• HR Leaders travel Monday, March 5th: Due to your 12 noon required arrival time on Monday, we will be providing lunch for you at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort. Therefore, you are NOT able to expense lunch as normal business travel on your way to FLM.
• Regional Leaders, RLPLs, DLs, DLMs & GSLs: As you are all scheduled to arrive after lunch on Monday, March 5th, you may all expense your lunch as your travel to FLM as normal business travel. Please comply with travel policy guidelines associated with per diems.

Travel Expenses back home after FLM: Please review the below approved travel expenses
• HR Leaders, RLPLs, DLs, DLMs & GSLs: You will be provided a gift card when you arrive at FLM that covers not only your Tuesday night Dinner on your Own at FLM, but also covers your lunch Thursday during your travels home. We will not be providing lunch at the hotel on Thursday. However, as we have allocated lunch funds for you on the gift card you will receive, you are NOT permitted to expense lunch on your travels home.
• Regional Leaders: Activision will be providing lunch for you on Thursday, March 8th at the Walk Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort.

Additional Business Expenses during FLM: Once you arrive at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort, you should not have need to make any purchases associated with business needs. If you have any concerns or questions about what is and what is not a reimbursable purchase during FLM, please contact or stop by the registration desk at FLM.