Meetings, Travel, & Space Information

Meetings & Travel Team

Judy Payne
Director, Meetings & Travel

Judy is the fearless leader of the Meetings & Travel team. In addition to overseeing the team, all corporate travel policies, space planning, and monthly SSC employee activities, Judy organizes and manages our annual GameStop Conference, as well as the SSC meeting. As Matt Hirst would say, she's the Yoda of the team! Stop by Judy's office if you want to talk about travel, Conference, or just to say hey!

Samantha Vogel
Sr. Manager, Meetings & Travel

Samantha manages our mid-size meetings. If you have questions about the Field Leadership Meeting, or the EB Games Conference, she's your girl! Samantha also works with Merch Vendors and our Service Vendors on US Conference sponsorships. Stop by Sam's desk to talk about FLM, EB Games Conference, or Conference Vendors. And you can always stop by to talk about the San Antonio Spurs!

Jamie Eggers
Sr. Meeting & Space Planner

Jamie manages all small meetings along with Conference engagement, GameStop President's Club Incentive Trip and SSC employee activities. Jamie is also our resident Space Planner! If you have small meeting needs or have questions about logistics or locations, she is your contact! For any space planning or furniture related questions, you can reach her at If you want to talk about small meetings, if you have a new hire starting and need a cube for them, or if you just want to gush about the New York Yankees, come find Jamie!

Ashley Rasmussen
Registration & Meeting Planner

Ashley is our registration and housing expert for all our GameStop meetings, including FLM, Conference and EB Games Conference. Can you imagine...making sure 5,000 GME employees have a room at's no easy task! Ashley also manages our direct bills. If you're headed on a business trip and you need a hotel room and DON'T have a personal corporate credit card, reach out to Ashley and she'll make sure your room is paid for in advance. So basically she's the girl you want to talk to if you want to get hooked up with a really nice hotel suite...or if you just want to belt out some disney ballads!

Event Team

We have to give a shout-out to the amazing individuals on our Event Team. These are the people you see around the office helping us lug boxes up and down the stairs, or at Confernece with the fun hashtags on their shirts. These team members are friendly, fun, hard-working, and let's face it...totally quirky...which is why we them! Long story short, the Meetings & Travel team would be lost without them!

GME Office Addresses

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Main #: 817-424-2000

2200 William D. Tate
Grapevine, TX 76051
Main #: 817-310-1200

Game Informer
724 First St. North, 4th Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Main #: 612-486-6100

International Office & DC Location
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Other SSC Contacts

If you need to talk about issues with plumbing, electrical, HVAC, walls, floors, carpet, paint, bathrooms, trash, or even pest control, please contact maintenance by submitting a ticket at Please note that neither or will be monitored moving forward.