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Quick Facts


Moderatley Priced Hotels

GameStop's policy is a $165/night average. Check out the below preferred hotels for suggestions.


Booking through TripActions

TripActions will hold the hotel for you, but you'll still need to provide a CC to the hotel. See booking a reservation for more details.



If the Meetings & Travel team paid for the hotel room night for you, we need your receipt. We appreciate your help in sending it over to us after your stay!


Business Purpose

The company authorizes a hotel stay when an associate, in carrying out their assigned duties, travels away from their home office and cannot arrange to return home that day. Unless an extraordinary circumstance exists, no hotel stay should be within 100 miles of the employee’s home office.

COVID-19 NOTE: Travel is currently suspended and any mandatory trips will require CEO approval.

Home Sharing

While home-sharing solutions may be an affordable solution, they may not have the same level of security and consistency as major hotel brands. GameStop does not encourage the use of home-sharing, however, if an associate books home-sharing for business use the associate will assume any safety/security risk at the location. Associate is also responsible for any damages or other fees/expenses that may be assessed by the home-sharing arrangement.

COVID-19 NOTE: GameStop's Home Sharing policy is currently suspended during COVID. Any CEO approved travel that requires a hotel night stay should be booked at a national hotel chain following the below guidelines under Hotel Selection.

Booking a Reservation

All lodging must be booked through GME’s selected travel agency. When booking within the on-line booking system, please note that the reservation will be held with the card selected at the time of booking; however, you must produce a credit card to pay when you arrive. For questions or concerns contact Corp-Meetings&

Individual Corporate Credit Card: If you're traveling more than twice a year, it's easier to apply for and carry your own individual corporate credit card. To apply for an individual corporate credit card, complete
this form and email it to

Hotel Selection

All travelers should stay at mid-service hotels (e.g. Hyatt Place, Hilton Garden Inn, Marriott Courtyard & Aloft by Sheraton). These hotels are typically less expensive and often offer complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast and transportation to/from the airport. The Company and its travel agency negotiate discounted rates which are listed in Appendix A and available at GSO or

Associates are to use these hotels whenever feasible. When the most cost-effective hotel is not a preferred provider, the associate will not be considered out of compliance for choosing the low-cost hotel.


GameStop is excited to announce our Associate Rewards Program in TripActions! This rewards program incentivizes associates to book lower hotel nightly rates in exchange for earning rewards points. In order to earn rewards, you must:
• Reserve your hotel online within our TripActions Booking Tool
• Select a nightly rate that is lower than the lower option of either our GameStop Travel Policy Price (located on page 15 of this policy) or TripActions Price to Beat, which is their estimation of the fair market booking price.
• If you select a lower rate and save GameStop money on the booking, we will split the savings with you and give you 30% of the savings in reward dollars!
• Through the TripActions Rewards portal, you will be able to exchange your reward dollars for one of the below perks:
a. Amazon gift card
b. Donation to charity of your choice
c. Upgrades on air, hotel, rental car bookings (Note: you must have the full value of the upgrade in rewards points)
d. Purchase personal air, hotel, rental car travel (Note: You must have the fill value of your trip in reward points)

• Example 1:
a. GameStop Per Night Hotel Policy Price: $165
b. TripActions Price to Beat for your booking: $180
c. GameStop Associate Hotel Nightly Booking Rate: $150
d. Total Savings: $15
e. Associate Rewards: $4.5 dollars

• Example 2:
a. GameStop Per Night Hotel Policy Price: $165
b. TripActions Price to Beat for your booking: $150
c. GameStop Associate Hotel Nightly Booking Rate: $125
d. Total Savings: $25
e. Associate Rewards: $7.5 dollars

Room Type

A single room with a private bath is the company standard.


Other than our annual Conference, standard business travel policy does not require associates to roommate.

Canceling a Reservation

Should a reservation need to be canceled, the associate must contact the hotel by their specified time so a no-show charge is not applied. If the associate does not make the cancellation in time, the no-show charge will not be reimbursed. When canceling a reservation, always get a cancellation number should you need to dispute a charge after cancellation.


You have access to 10% off the Best Available Rate at Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Place and Hyatt Summerfield Suites participating properties worldwide. Through the Hyatt Company Travel Program website, you will be able to search hotels, make reservations and even utilize the one-click booking feature to make your business travel booking fast and easy. Please use the link below to login with your Hyatt Gold Passport user name and password to make all your upcoming Hyatt reservations:

Additionally, please enter our GameStop Hyatt Discount code upon booking: 33564


For any additional questions regarding GameStop travel, please contact Samantha Vogel at or (817) 722-7694.


Preferred Hotels