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Quick Facts


Enterprise, National or Avis

GameStop has contracted agreements with Enterprise, National and avis. GameStop has right to refuse reimbursement for any other vendor.



Please do not accept additional insurance with our Rental Car vendors. GameStop's contracted agreement includes coverage.


Car Type

Compact or intermediate size.

Rental Cars

Business Purpose

While carrying out their assigned duties, an associate may travel by air to another city where ground transportation will be required. Associates should explore all means of transportation available and select the car rental option when other means are not available, more costly, or impractical. The use of a rental car must be justified as a business need and not as a matter of personal convenience. The use of a rental car by an Associate receiving a monthly auto reimbursement will not be reimbursed when the car is rented to conduct local business (see additional information in the Auto Reimbursement Policy).

Ride Sharing

While ride-sharing solutions may be an affordable solution, they may not have the same level of regulation, security and consistency as major car rental brands or taxi companies. GameStop does not encourage the use of ride-sharing, however, if an associate books ride-sharing for business use, they are taking on all liability of the ride.

Car Rental Vendor Compliance

GameStop is excited to announce that we now have competitive contracts with Enterprise, National and Avis. Associates are to use these rental companies when securing a car for company business. The Company has the right to refuse reimbursement for expenses from other vendors.

Rental Car Damage Waivers & Insurance

GameStop has negotiated physical damage waivers and liability insurance to be included within these corporate rental rates which apply to all associates when vehicles are secured through Enterprise, National or Avis. You’ll notice that the rates may be slightly higher in some cases; however GameStop’s Corporate rates include some liability insurance as well as a Loss Damage Waiver on every rental. Please do not accept additional damage waivers or liability insurance when renting a vehicle for corporate business use in the United States.

Additional GameStop associates traveling together, who have a valid driver’s license and meet age requirements (20 yrs. old) are authorized drivers of the rental vehicle, however the damage waiver is not applicable when other than the named renter is operating the rental vehicle.

International Vehicle REntals

GameStop has a separate physical damage Insurance policy that applies to vehicles rented in foreign countries. Associates traveling internationally should consider waiving the damage waiver, however GameStop is responsible for the first $1,000 (deductible) for damage to the rental vehicle. If liability coverage is required to be purchased by the rental agency, associates should add liability coverage to the rental contract for the entire period of the rental contract. Supplemental liability insurance coverage can be waived as GameStop has Auto liability insurance that would be applicable to the rental vehicles in foreign countries. No separate corporate agreement is in place with Enterprise/National or Avis internationally.

Enterprise/National Emerald Club

Want to make sure renting a car is as easy as pie? Then sign up here for the Enterprise & National Emerald Club! GameStop employees are entitled to complimentary Emerald Club® membership. This frequent renter program for National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car in North America will provide expedited service and members-only benefits:

Benefits of the Emerald Club at National:
• Bypass the counter - Bypass the rental counter and go directly to the Emerald Club Aisle® at more than 50 major airports in the U.S. and Canada.
• Choose your own car - Don't waste time looking for your assigned car - just choose any car from the Emerald Club Aisle® and be on your way.
• Drop & Go – For express car return through the delivery of e-receipts. There's no need to wait around for a piece of paper when you return your car. Sign up to receive this benefit and we will automatically email your receipts to you, for each returned rental.
• Status Matching – To ensure a smooth transition into our loyalty program.

Emerald Club benefits at Enterprise:
• Access to a network of 8,000 Enterprise locations—In addition to renting from National, Emerald Club® members can now rent from the thousands of neighborhood Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations.
• Shared profiles—Emerald Club® member profiles are automatically available at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
• Emerald Club® members can earn Emerald Club® rental credits at participating Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations.
• Qualifying* Enterprise rentals will count toward improving their Emerald Club® status and earning Free Rental Days redeemable at National Car Rental locations.

Note: Once you complete your Emerald Club application by clicking here, you'll need to add your new Emerald Club loyalty number into your Egencia profile by:
• Logging into Egencia
• Click on your Profile on the top right of the screen
• Click on "Other Settings"
• Under "Travel Preferences" click on "Frequent Traveler Accounts"
• Under "Rental Car Membership Accounts" click "Add Account"
• Under "Account Name" select the "Enterprise" dropdown
• Add your new Emerald Club Account number and then click "Ad Rental Car Account"
• Back under "Rental Car Membership Accounts" click "Add Account"
• Under "Account Name" select the "National" dropdown
• Add the same Emerald Club Account number that you added for Enterprise and then click "Ad Rental Car Account"

To Secure your Rental Cars:

To secure your Enterprise/National preferred number:
Discount number: GPOXZ07

If you call Enterprise or National to rent a car, instead of booking through Egencia, You'll need to provide our Discount number to receive the negotiated GME rates. If you book your rental through Egencia, the discounted rates will auto populate

To secure your Avis preferred number:
Discount number: AWD# G850100

Click here to download the Avis preferred chart for travelers!

Car Type

All rentals should be for compact or intermediate size cars.

Booking a Reservation

Rental car reservations may be booked through the Company approved on-line booking system, Egencia, or booked directly with Enterprise/National or Avis/Budget. Rental car charges are to be charged to the employee’s GameStop Corporate American Express Card when possible or otherwise paid via the Associate’s own method of payment (cash, check or personal credit card).


For any additional questions regarding GameStop travel, please contact Samantha Vogel at SamanthaVogel@gamestop.com or (817) 722-7694.