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GameStop's Travel Provider

GameStop uses TripActions for all Business travel needs. We continue to use Concur Expense for Expense reporting and all your TripActions travel details will flow into Concur Expense for your reporting needs.

Need a TripActions Profile?

If you are a District Manager or above or a corporate GameStop employee needing a TripActions profile for business travel, please follow the below instructions in order to get set up with an TripActions Profile.

- Email and please include the below information
- Your first name as it appears on your government issued ID
- Your last name as it appears on your government issues ID
- Your GME employee ID number (this is required for a new profile)
- Your department cost center. If you don't know your cost center, that's okay! Just provide your department and supervisor name.

Once the Meetings & Travel creates your new profile, you will recieve a confirmation e-mail

Adding TripActions to Your SSO Page (OKTA)

TripActions is part of our Okta dashboard now. If you're logged in to the GameStop network, you will be able to access TripActions via Okta without having to enter your username and password.

Once you sign on to your single sign-on page (SSO.) Click the green "Add Apps" button on the top right hand corner.Then type "TripActions" into the search bad on the left side of the page. When it appears in the search bar simply click on the name and click "Add App." It should now appear onour main SSO page.


We are always here to help! If you have questions, reach out to Ashley Rasmussen or Samantha Vogel and they'll be glad to assist. Safe Travels!

Setting up your Profile

Once you log into TripActions, you will be prompted to complete your personal profile. Please make sure that the information you input matches your government ID. You'll want to enter your cell phone number so you can received updates on your booking.

Setting up your Profile - Travel Preferences

Next is your profile information. This gives TripActions an idea of your preferences during your travel and how often you travel. You also have the option to enter in your Known Traveler Number and your Loyalty Clubs (airline, hotel and rental car) so you continue to earn you points as you travel. Simply start typing the loyatly program in the search bar and click on the program when it populates.

**If you have Global Entry or a Redres Number, please enter that number under the section for “Known Traveler Number”.

Note: If your Egencia travel profile is listed under your legal name as John James Jones, but you have your airline rewards profile listed as J. James Jones, the booking tool will NOT be able to match up your rewards profile when your book your flight! Your offical name on all your travel documents must match each other exactly (and must match your govenment issued ID) in order for Egencia to match up your information correctly.

In this section, you'll enter information relating to your passport, as well as any Known Traveler Number or Redress Number your may have.

Known Traveler Number (KTN): Once you've entered your KTN into your Egencia profile, it will be sent to the airline along with your booking. However, your KTN will NOT appear on your Egencia booking itinerary. If you belong to airline loyalty programs, like Rapid Rewards, or American Airlines Advantage, we also always reccomend once you've received your KTN, that you call the airline directly and have them add your KTN to your airline loyalty profile. Please remember, having a KTN DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you will receive TSA Pre-check on every flight. Please refer to our GameStop Travel Policy for more information on TSA Pre-check.

Redress Number: A redress number is issued to travelers who have been repeatedly identified for additional screening and who want to file an inquiry to have erroneous information corrected in DHS systems. Basically, it's for travelers who have erronerously been placed on the DO NOT FLY list. A redress number IS NOT THE SAME AS A KTN. If you enter your Known Traveler Number into the Redress Number area, the booking will not properly send your KTN into the airline.

Setting up your Profile - Credit Cards

Next is adding your Corporate MasterCard to your profile. Click on "Add New" and fill out the information. You will want to utilize your Corporate MasterCard to book your travel.

Don't have a Corporate MasterCard? Not problem. You can utilize the Transient Air Card for airfare bookings or reach click here to complete the form to apply for a company backed corporate card. See below for information on how to book your hotel using the Transient Air Card.

Setting up your Profile - Activate Your Account

Lastly, activate your account. You can access the platform by downloading the TripActions app or through the web browser. If you do not want to download the app that is perfectly fine just click “Skip”. You can skip and you will be prompted to the home page of TripActions.

We are happy to announce that you will be able to book your meeting flights through the TripActions app unlike previous travel platforms! The app is user friendly and you can easily utilize the support chat function in the app for any help booking.

TripActions & Concur

Isn’t it amazing that TripActions sends your travel receipts for air, hotel & rental cars directly to Concur Expense? We love this feature of TripAction. But, Concur isn’t smart enough to know whether you book your business trip on your Personal Corporate Credit Card, or on our GameStop Transient Air Card. That means, no matter what card you booked your travel on, it’s going to show up in Concur Expense. If you booked your trip on our GameStop Transient Air Card, simply delete the expense in your Concur Expense account!


Already booked the first part of your trip and now you are ready to add to it? Simply go into you "Trips" from the main page of TripActions, find you trip and click "Add Hotel." If you need to add a rental car simply click on "Add Hotel" and change to Car at the top of the search feature.

Or if you search for a flight, hotel, or rental car that is over the same dates an an exisiting trip, TripActions will ask if you'd like to combine the trips. Simply click "Yes" and continue with your booking. By cominbing trips you only have to pay for the booking fees once! This keeps your entire trip together for ease of travel and saves GameStop additional booking fees. It's a win win!


Please note these important tips when you are booking a hotel on TripActions!

Searching Hotel Options: When you are looking for a hotel to book be sure to check under the price for any important notes such as "Earn Points" to help narrow down your search.

Pay Now vs. Pay at Hotel vs. Deposit Required: When you are reviewing hotel rooms to select, TripActions will tell you whether the reservation is a "Pay Now", "Pay at Hotel" or "Deposit Required" option. If you book a room that is "Pay Now," TripActions will charge the card on record for the room cost. If you select a room that is "Pay at Hotel," TripActions is holding the reservation for you but you will be required to provide a credit card when you arrive for payment! If you select a room that is "Deposit Required," TripActions will charge a deposit amount to the card of record for the reservation however, you will be responsible for providing a credit card upon check in for the remainder of payment!

If you proceed with a reservation that is "Pay at Hotel" and you don't have a credit card to pay for your room, please contact Ashley Rasmussen in advance of your trip.

Features, Options and Cancallation: Once you select which hotel you'd like to book you will have the option of which type of room to book. Features will show you any amenities that come with the room. Options will show you if you are getting points for the room and any special rates. Under the "Select" button you will see the cancellation policy. Be sure to pay close attention to all three of these section to ensure you understand you entire reservation!

Personal Travel on TripActions

Good news! With TripActions you are able to book personal travel on the site using your personal credit card and take advantage of the negotiated rates of TripActions and GameStop! TripActions no longer charges trip fees for personal travel as long as you selected "Personal trip" on the main search page.

You will need to add your personal card to your profile before booking. (Click on the down arrow on the top right hand corner. Click on Profile and update the "Payment & Clubs" section with your personal credit card information.) Then when you are ready to book simply click on the "Personal Travel" button on the bottom left hand corner of the search page. Easy peaze lemon squeezy.

Parking at the Airport

Parking at DFW so same day travel, or did you carpool to the airport with one or more colleagues? If so, then you can valet at DFW! GameStop has set up a negotiated valet discount with FreemanPark Airport Valet Services! Here’s how it works:

1. Make a reservation at, or call 972-252-2500 and make your valet parking reservation. ($24/day)
2. Receive a helpful text message directing you to your gate and terminal.
3. Drop off your vehicle curbside, where your personally assigned valet will be waiting.
4. Enjoy your flight. Secure, covered parking ensures your vehicle will be safe.
5. Meet your valet at the curb on your return. FreedomPark will notify you of delays or gate changes via text.

If your trip lasts more than one day and you are not carpooling with another associate, more economical long-term parking must be utilized.

Prefer to park at the DFW terminal? Pre-book your terminal parking online at When you prepay your parking you save up to 50% for terminal parking!

Double Check your Itinerary and Trip Library!

After completing your booking, make sure you double check your itinerary, as well as your trip library in TripActions! If you do not see your itinerary under "Trips" then it is NOT BOOKED. If you think this is in error you can reach out to a travel agent via the chat feature. They typically respond in less than a minute.

Booking in TripActions vs. Booking outside TripActions

TripActions is user friendly but sometimes you might find a cheaper flight or hotel by booking a basic economy fair or directly on the hotels website. But this year, we’re focused on ensuring all our travelers book business flights and hotels through our travel tool, TripActions…and here’s why!

• If you or one of your team members are traveling on business but you did not book your flight or hotel in TripActions, then other than your boss, GameStop has no idea where in the world you are. This might not seem like a big deal. But think about this…you’re in Indonesia on business and a tsunami strikes. If you booked your flight in TripActions, GameStop would be notified by Egencia immediately as soon as a tsunami warning was issued that you were in Indonesia. We would be able to reach out to you ASAP to make sure you know about the situation, ask about your safety, make extraction plans for you in the event it’s necessary. But if you booked your flight outside TripActions, no one would even know you’re there. Our Travel team, our risk team and our executive team would not be able to proactively ensure your safety or get you the help you need in a timely manner. Moral of the story…book in TripActions!

• If an employee books a trip outside TripActions and there’s an issue with the flight or trip, we’re not able to provide much help if it was booked outside our travel management tool. Our team can’t call American Airlines and talk to them on behalf of you about your flight issue. But we can talk to TripActions on behalf of you. So if you want to ensure you can get assistance with a botched business trip, make sure you book in TripActions!

• If you or an employee books a flight or hotel outside TripActions and uses a personal credit card, our travel policy prohibits GameStop from reimbursing you for that flight. Here’s why: If an employee books a flight outside TripActions and uses a corporate card or personal credit card, then for whatever reason leaves GameStop before the work trip, GameStop has no recourse for the funds spent on that flight since it’s not under the GameStop umbrella (you’d be surprised how often this has happens). So, if you want to make sure you’re reimbursed for business flights and hotels, book them in TripActions!

But, mostly, we just want to make sure we know where all our GameStop travelers are so we can ensure your safety when you’re traveling for business. If you have any trouble booking TripActions, finding a flight that matches a lower fare you found,or finding a hotel reach out to the Meetings & Travel team. We’re always here to help!

Need Help

No Problem! Click here to email Samantha Vogel for help!