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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I receive additional hours in order to attend Conference?
A: Yes. Each week you’ll be allocated additional hours for you to focus on Conference.

Q: Are we participating before our store opens?
A: Yes and no, we are confirming the timing now but likely the General Session will start at 10:00 AM (your time) and then you will move to the VTRs on LevelUp. More to come!

Q: My store's internet isn't the best. What are your plans to ensure we can participate?
A: We have worked with IT to identify the stores whose bandwidth won't allow participation for Conference. We will work with those stores individually to ensure they are able to participate.

Q: Can I participate at another store?
A: We are lookin into this further and will address this in a communication closer to the kickoff date of August 26.

Q: I am located in a mall and have a Starbucks that opens before I open that lets people come inside the building early. I have no way from stopping someone from peering into the store and hearing the TV. I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to maintain the relationships we have built with our vendors. Do you have an answer for what I should do, if anything?
A: You bring up a good point. Since you don't have access to the volume, if you feel customers are stopping to watch content, please call the GSTV Support number and ask them to turn off your GSTV until you open. You can then view General Session on GSO from your iPad.