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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

Q: Where is Conference being held?
A: Conference will be virtual again in 2021. However, we look forward to seeing each of you in Anaheim in-person next year!

Q: Who is attending the meeting?
A: All GameStop associates that hold a Store Leader, Store Leader Mentor, Field Leadership position, or are approved International & SSC attendees and register by the registration deadline of Wednesday, August 18, 2021.

Q: When can I register?
A: Wednesday, June 18 - Wednesday, August 18.

Q: What are the Conference dates?
A: Conference dates are as follows:
Tuesday, September 14: Opening General Session, Vendor Training Rooms & other General Sessions
Wednesday, September 15: General Sessions, Vendor Training Rooms & Expo

Q: What is the Conference timing?
A: Conference will be held 10:00 am CST – 6:00 pm CST during the above dates. We know that we have associates in multiple time zones.


Q: Do I make my own flight arrangements?
A: I hope not! We’re not going anywhere this year.

Q: Will we be assigned roommates this year?
A: We thought it would be fun to have you all roommate this year … one big nationwide slumber party. But no. No roommates in a Virtual Conference setting.


Q: How will I receive correspondence prior to the meeting?
A: We will send out meeting communications via email. We will use the e-mail you provide during the registration process. Please make sure to check your email for any new information and updates.

Agenda Questions

Q: Will we be using the same app as last year?
A: You know us – we have to improve things a little bit each year. For our 2021 Virtual Conference, we are creating a 3D Conference experience. You will create your own avatar when you log-in and your avatar will walk around our Conference World for a Conference Adventure. Your avatar will be able to high-five your friends as you see them, bust a move if you feel like dancing, speak live to your friends in the app, and maybe even play a little basketball.

Q: Are the sessions pre-recorded or live?
A: A little of column A and a little of column B! We listened to your feedback on the survey last year. You and the vendors both missed being able to interact with each other. So we’re creating a semi-live environment this year. Here is how it will work:

• General Sessions: will be pre-recorded and are scheduled at 10:00 am – 11:00 am CST and 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm CST on Tuesday & Wednesday. We know 10am may be early for you West Coast folks and 6:00 is late for you East Coast peeps, so you can watch these either before or after the VTRs that day. But, you must watch them the day they are scheduled. (Ie. East Coasters can watch all general sessions before the VTRs and West Coast can watch them after. You cannot go over your allocated hours for the day though.)

• Vendor Training Rooms: all VTRs will be live. Yep … live! We’ll create 4 groups and you’ll rotate through the VTRs throughout the day (just like the in-person event). Vendor Training Rooms will be live and you will be able to live chat with our vendors. You MUST adhere to the schedule and you can NOT view these at another time. These are truly live sessions so you can interact with the vendors.

• Expo: Our virtual expo will also be a live event. Your avatar can walk around with your BFF’s avatar to see all the sites and you can chat live with each booth. Again with Expo, You MUST adhere to the schedule and you can NOT particiapte in Expo at another time. This new app is fully 3D with lots of engagement and fun.

Q: This sounds cool! What else can I expect from the app?
A: The app is very cool. A 3D interactive environment full of fun and games … and a little learning too. We’ve added in buffer-time between each session so you have time to walk your avatar from room to room. You’ll even have time to experience the Conference adventure. You may find a dance party, basketball courts, sailing, and an outdoor networking lounge where you can simply hang with your friends and talk about the last episode of Locki.

Q: Are all of the scheduled events mandatory?
A: Yes. All attendees are required to attend every scheduled session and event, but you’ll have a blast walking around this 3D Conference Adventure.

Q: I really miss our in-person event. Are we ever going to be together again?
A: Dude! Us too!! Last year was a no brainer but this year was a hard decision. In the end, there were too many social distancing and event policies in place to allow us to get together safely this year. So, we’ll see you next year in beautiful Anaheim (next door to Disneyland!!)

General Questions

Q: Will I be eligible to receive the gifts vendors promise at Conference?
A: To show appreciation for your team’s continued support, our vendor partners may choose to distribute product samples during Conference. There may also be announcements made at Conference about upcoming sales incentives to be sent upon the launch of particular titles/products.

Please note that attendance at Conference is not a guarantee for receiving future sales incentives. When post-conference sales incentives are sent out, only those associates who are in a Store Leader or Field Leader role at the time of product distribution will be eligible recipients. You must also have attended the VTR or General Session Presentation to recieve the sales incentive.

It is also important to keep in mind that reselling any company merchandise/vendor gifts on the internet or through any other means for profit is prohibited.

Q: What is our Conference Hashtag?
A: #2021GMEConference

Q: Who do I contact regarding Conference questions?
A: If you have any questions you should be able to find the answers on our Conference website, but if not, please contact Andy Ramirez at