Meetings, Travel, & Space Information

Frequently Asked Questions

REgistration Questions

Q: Where is Conference being held?
A: The meeting will be held at the Nashville Music City Center!

Q: Who is attending the meeting?
A: All GameStop associates that hold a Store Leader, Store Leader Mentor, Field Leadership position, or are approved International & SSC attendees and register by the registration deadline of Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

Q: When can I register?
A: Wednesday, May 22 - Wednesday, July 17. It’s best to register as soon as possible so you can book your flights as soon as possible for preferred times and seating.

Q: What are the arrival dates?
A: Arrivals are as follows:
Friday, August 23: Vice President of Stores & Regional Leaders
Saturday, August 24 by 2:00 pm: All Field Leadership Attendees
Sunday, August 25 by 5:00 pm: Store Leaders

Q: What are the departure dates?
A: Wednesday, August 28: ThinkGeek Attendees depart
Thursday, August 29: All GameStop attendees depart

Q: Will we receive an email confirmation from the registration website?
A: Once you complete your conference registration, an email will automatically be sent to you from Please note that this email is as an acknowledgment of your registration for the 2019 GME Conference in Nashville. A final confirmation will be sent to you closer to the Conference date (you will bring this final confirmation with you on-site to pick-up your badge.)

Hotel& transportation Questions

Q: Do I make my own flight arrangements?
A: Yes, our Egencia tool will empower you to book your own flight to/from Conference. This site has been created with specific parameters in place to help you secure the most cost-effective flight based on your preference. Please note that only flights within $100 of the lowest available fare will be available to book. Conference flights will automatically be charged to our meeting card.

Only attendees who have completed their registration will have access to the Egencia site to book travel for Conference. The Meetings & Travel Team will continuously upload a list of only confirmed registrants into Egencia every Tuesday and Friday until registration closes on July 17. Please note that you will need to allow a few days in between completing registration and booking your flight, as to allow enough time for The Meetings & Travel team to upload your information into Egencia.

See the Travel & Hotel page for detailed instructions on booking your flight!

Q: Will I be charged if I change my flight?
A: Yes. If an attendee elects to change their travel information after the ticket has been issued, any change fees will be the responsibility of the traveler. However, you have 24 hours from the time of issue to change without a penalty. Please contact Egencia directly if you need to change your travel arrangements. You will need to call the Egencia phone number at the very bottom of your itinerary.

Q: Will all flight itineraries be sent out electronically?
A: Yes, all flight confirmations will be emailed out individually to the email address you entered during the registration process.

Q: What if I would like to be on the same flight as a colleague?
A: If you would like to travel with a colleague(s), we highly recommend travel buddies register and book their flight on the same day to ensure the flight is available. Expenses related to flight changes to match a travel buddy will be the responsibility of the traveler and will NOT be covered by GameStop. Please make sure to check with your travel buddy before booking.

Q: Do I make my own hotel reservations?
A: No, your hotel reservations will be made for you once you complete your online registration.

Q: What if I have a preferred roommate?
A: Attendees below Director level are required to share a room at Conference and must room with someone of the same gender (with the exception of attendees that are married or share the same home address on file in Workday). During registration, you will have the opportunity to select your preferred roommate, and:

- They will receive an email notification from prompting them to accept or decline your request. You will be notified of their response via email.
- If your request is declined, please re-enter the registration website to select a new roommate
- If you choose not to select a roommate, the GameStop Meetings & Travel team will assign one for you
- The deadline to select a roommate is July 17, 2019. If you have not selected a roommate by this date, one will be assigned to you
- If you receive a roommate request prior to registering, you will be prompted via email to visit the registration site, register, and respond to the request

PLEASE NOTE: Accepting a roommate does NOT mean you have completed registration. Unless you received a registration confirmation, in addition to a roommate confirmation, you are NOT registered!

You can check your confirmed roommate on the Attendees List on the conference website beginning July 29, 2019.

Q: May I bring a guest to the conference?
A: Our policy prohibits friends and family members at the conference during conference days/times; and all attendees MUST stay at the conference hotel during our dates as assigned. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the conference and make sure that all attendees are 100% focused on networking with peers, education, and vendor training. We have created these rules in order to make it fair to all attendees.

If family or friends choose to vacation with you before or after the conference, they must depart the day conference begins and may not arrive until the day of all departures.

Q: How will I receive correspondence prior to the meeting?
A: We will send out meeting communications via email. We will use the e-mail you provide during the registration process. Please make sure to check your email for any new information and updates.

Arrival Questions

Q: What is the dress code and what do I need to pack?
A: You may wear clean, un-torn, business appropriate jeans with a collared or business appropriate shirt to all meetings and functions. T-shirts can be worn as long as they are: GameStop T's, T-shirts that you receive in your Conference show bag, or a T-shirt that promotes a newly released game. You will have free time in the evenings, so you can bring casual clothes for this time. The hotel and casino is very large, and you will be doing a lot of walking, so bring comfortable shoes. Tennis shoes are acceptable. Shorts are not allowed in the Expo.

Q: Will transportation be provided to and from the airport and hotel?
A: Yes, shuttles will be provided for Field Leadership on Saturday, August 24 and Store Leader attendees on Sunday, August 25 from the Nashville International Airport to your assigned hotel (they will run from 7:00am – 4:00pm). Make sure you check the Travel & Hotel page to see which hotel your region is assigned. Just look for a GameStop sign when you arrive at your assigned baggage claim to board the shuttle. On Thursday, August 29 GameStop shuttles will depart the convention center to take you back to the airport. Thursday shuttles run 4:00 am – 3:00 pm. (For the ThinkGeek peeps leaving on Wednesday, August 28 – shuttles run 7:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Note: These shuttles have been pre-paid for you and include greeters at the airport, baggage handling, transportation and tips. If you elect to not use this service when you arrive, other forms of transportation are not a reimbursable expense. However, if you arrive outside of the scheduled shuttle times you can expense (as normal business travel to your region) an uber/lift/cab to get you to your hotel.

Q: Will I need a rental car?
A: Rental cars are not needed, as we have secured transportation for all off-site activities.

Q: Why are the lines so long during hotel check-in?
A: Inevitably, there will be lines with the number of attendees we have arriving in the short amount of time. We have made the hotel aware and hopefully they will move quickly. The hotel is at the mercy of guests checking out of rooms from the previous night. Please be prepared to wait for your room while the hotel cleans rooms in preparation for you! And remember, you can always have the hotel store your bag, and come on over to the Convention Center to get your badge, and enjoy the fun arrival activities we have planned!

Agenda Questions

Q: Will the agenda format stay the same?
A: We'll let you know as soon as we know!

Q: Are all of the scheduled events mandatory?
A: Yes. All attendees are required to attend every scheduled session and event. However, if you do not eat breakfast – it’s optional. No attendee is excused from any scheduled General Session, Vendor Training Room, Expo or Corporate breakout.

Q: How will dinner-on-your-own be arranged this year?
A: You will be given a MasterCard gift card to use for the 2 dinners on your own. We're also doing away with boxed lunches on arrival day again this year. Just like last year, you'll receive an extra $30 gift card for lunch Sunday! These gift cards are accepted at any restaurant that accepts MasterCard. District Leaders will be given a MasterCard gift card to cover their district dinner.

Q: I wish we had more time to see Nashville...
A: We do too! The fact is that this is a company event geared to give you the training you need to be successful in Q4 and leading your team. If we took all of the training that everyone wanted to include, the days would be 20 hours long for 6 days straight. However, we do our best to keep the length of the days to a minimum and allow some downtime in the evening. If you would like more time to experience the conference city, you’re welcome to take advantage of “Stay & Play” aka vacation before or after conference.

General Questions

Q: Will I be eligible to receive the gifts vendors promise at Conference?
A: To show appreciation for your team’s continued support, our vendor partners may choose to distribute product samples during Conference. There may also be announcements made at Conference about upcoming sales incentives to be sent upon the launch of particular titles/products.

Please note that attendance at Conference is not a guarantee for receiving future sales incentives. When post-conference sales incentives are sent out, only those associates who are in a Store Leader or Field Leader role at the time of product distribution will be eligible recipients.

It is also important to keep in mind that reselling any company merchandise/vendor gifts on the internet or through any other means for profit is prohibited.

Q: What is our Conference Hashtag?
A: #2019GMEConference

Q: If I purchase large items at the 2019 GME Conference Store on the Floor, how do I get those items home?
A: We're actually working on a new plan for Store on the Floor this year that will help with shipping. More details coming soon!

Q: Who do I contact regarding flight and travel arrangements?
A: If you have any questions regarding your registration, flight, or hotel room, please contact Ashley Rasmussen at

Q: Who do I contact for additional questions?
A: For any additional questions regarding the 2019 GME Conference, please contact Judy Payne at or Samantha Vogel at