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Wear your Ubisoft Watch Dogs polo from your show bag on Monday. You might just run into Granny Assassin who will be handing out some awesoe chances to win a dope travel voucher! Click here for offical rules!

Pokémon Meet-Up

This year we will be holding our second annual Pokémon Meetup/Organized Pokémon Go Raid Group at Conference. Connect, trade and PvP Battle in Pokémon Go with Leaders and team members from across the company that love all things Pokémon! Don't forget to also bring your Pokémon Trading Cards as well as we may do some casual tournament play for those interested!

While we will be looking to do these meetups on Saturday (8/24) and/or Sunday (8/25) based on interest, however to help facilitate this and make plans and set times that best suit everyone interested in participating, I have established a new Facebook group, "GameStop X Pokémon." This will be an internal associate-only group (like an honorary ERG..but for Pokémon and Pokémon -related items) that can be used to connect with anyone that works in the company that wants to connect with Poke-fans in the GME family across the company.

This group will include threads to share Friend Codes for both Pokémon Go and Nintendo Switch (I mean we're all getting Sword and/or Shield, right?). As well as set raid days and times for Conference Days.

I will also use this group year-round to share Pokémon news and resources to help establish Pokémon Leagues and how to get involved with the "Play! Pokémon" program in your local area and how Pokémon can be used to build communities and benefit giving back to charities like Extra Life/Children's Miracle Network!

See you all in Nashville!
Sander Merrill SL #1791
Pokémon Professor

2019 GME Conference EA Expo Madden Tournament

Hey Madden Fans,

This year during Expo at the 2019 GME Conference, EA will be hosting a Madden Tournament with 32 of the top GameStop Madden players! The winner will take home $3,000. We’ll need your name, your region, your gamertag, and your e-mail address associated with your Origin account. We will be using your gamertag and e-mail address to look up your Madden stats. The top 32 players with the best Madden stats will be entered into the tournament. Each player will go head to head in either the morning or afternoon Expo, playing a maximum of 4 rounds, each about 20 minutes (GameStop will take care of the logistics for players). You’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy all the other booths on the Expo show floor. The top player from the morning session and the top player from the afternoon session will face off in the Finale Wednesday night. And bonus, EA has a little something special planned for all 32 players!

Think you have what it takes?...then sign up here by Wednesday, July 31 by 11:59 pm PST. We will announce the top 32 players entered into the EA Madden Tournament Monday, August 12th.

Click here for the official tournament rules.

Conference Video Montage Contest

If you’re a SL that loves to create videos/selfies and capture your experiences – well this project is for you. We’ll select 100 lucky store leaders to video capture their journey from their home/store, throughout their travel and during their arrival day at Conference. We’ll compile all of the videos to create a SL Montage for the closing video on Wednesday, August 29. Notes to remember:

• This is an optional event that Store Leaders can elect to participate in. This is not required as a part of your position and is for fun only.
• Please keep all of your footage PG-13.
• Capture video of yourself, other SLs with you, your airport, your shuttle time, and every experience along the way on Saturday & Sunday.

To participate, submit your contact information in the below link by Monday July, 1. We’ll select 100 winners to participate and send you the detailed instructions!

Conference Screen Printing Poll

So you’ve selected the winners of this year’s custom screen printing tagline contest. And the winners are … (drumroll)

• WHAT THE (pic of buck the bunny)

• Chuck Norris buys his games at GameStop


Ok, so remember those super soft shirts with the fun saying last year? The survey said you loved it – so we’re bringing it back! We had a tagline contest and the above images are the winners! Buy your T-shirt for $12 and Hip Hues will be onsite to help you screen print your own design! It’s so cool!
• Saturday, 8/24 10:00am – 6:00 pm
• Sunday, 8/25, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Location: MCC, Level 3, Hall A


Your arrival day can be a beating, so let’s take some time to hang out and enjoy the day and meet up with our peeps. After you check in at registration, enjoy lunch, music and games at Festival on 5th.
• Sunday, 8/25, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
• Location: Between Music City Center & Omni on 5th street