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GME Giving Power at Conference

Thank you to all of our associates who entered to win an opportunity to help families in need! Preparing breakfast for the Ronald McDonald House guests of Central Indiana will be a great experience, and your efforts will make a huge difference.

This year we had an overwhelming over 450 submissions! So, we doubled our number of attendees and have created 2 RMH events at Conference. Some of you will participate Saturday night, and some will go on Sunday morning … but you will both have the same experience. See below for the list of winners.

T-shirt Tagline Contest

This year, we're bringing something super fun to Saturday & Sunday arrival days... You're going to get to screenprint your own T-shirt! All you'll have to do is buy the tee you want at GameStop Gear, take it over to the screenprinting station, pick out the tagline you want, and get to work!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a tagline! Your peers have voted.... our winners are:

Ed Rivera. store 5967
Funcoland, est. 1988

Robert Knudson, store 338

Hannah Combs, store 5862
(Game)Stop. Collaborate & Listen

DJ for a Day

Back by popular demand! We love to play your music while everyone is walking in and out of general session to get the crowed hyped up! Thank you to all of our participants - you blew us away with your music this year! It was a VERY tough choice, but here are your winners for the 2018 GME Conference:

Runner-Up: Robbie Kreller, Store 6270

Monday: Chris Huckaby, Store 2440

Tuesday: Ally De Torres, Store 702

Wednesday: Stormy Phillippi, District 215 Team!


Don't forget to use our Conference hastag while posting on your social media sites! We love seeing these, and we often re-share them and send them to vendors. So hashtag away! #2018GMEConference