Meetings, Travel, & Space Information


All attendees will stay at an assigned location. Your accommodations will be made for you once you complete your online registration form. You may NOT make your own accommodations, and guests are NOT allowed during the dates of the conference.


We’re excited to announce that this year everyone will be getting luxury accommodations in a prime location. Your accommodations will include:

• Friendly & inviting staff
• More square footage than your typical Conference hotel
• Possible stocked fridge, pantry and bar (will vary by each location)
• Amenities that are equivalent to home
• Electronics and WIFI that you are used to
• May also host children or pets (which are kinda the same)


Due to the continuing concerns around COVID-19, all attendees will be assigned individual accommodations this year. Yep, that’s right. We will not require you to host another Store Leader in your home. You’re welcome everyone.