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It wouldn’t be Conference without some great food to get you through the day. This year, some of our amazing vendor partners are excited to provide you a gift card to cover the cost of your meals. Simply download the gift cards and order your meals to be delivered throughout Conference (or save yourself some delivery fees and run through your nearest drive-thru).

Tuesday Breakfast: PlayStation

GameStop Store Leaders, we know in order to kick off your first day of Conference right, you need all the caffeine! PlayStation has you covered! We’re sending you a little morning pick me up, so you can start your morning off just the way you like it.

Tuesday Lunch: Microsoft

GameStop Store Leaders, as much as we were hoping to see you in person this year, we are really looking forward to the virtual Xbox experience that awaits you. Much like the characters in our beloved games, your avatars represent the heroic efforts you’ve all put forth to bring the gift of gaming to our fans during these difficult times. We’re grateful for your passion and dedication to the Xbox brand and as a token of our appreciation, we’re sending you some well-deserved nourishment. Battle on brave warriors!

Tuesday Snack: Nintendo

Enjoy refreshments during your regional breakouts from your friends at Nintendo.

Wednesday Lunch: Take Two

GameStop Store Leaders, we’re going to miss seeing you in person this year. But we’re looking forward to seeing you in the virtual setting for some fun & games. You’ll definitely need to keep your energy up to play with us, so we’re sending you a little something during Conference to keep your sustenance up!

Wednesday Snack: Sega

Enjoy snacks courtesy of Sega and Demon Slayer -Kimetsu No Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles coming October 15