Meetings, Travel, & Space Information


General Session and VTR Head's up!

Please note the below presentation will include realistic combat experiences. This is denoted in your show guide and in the app with a helmet logo. If you are uneasy about experiencing any of these elements or have a medical condition preventing you from doing so, please talk to your District Leader, Human Resources Leader, or Regional Leader, or just step out of the session!

Warner Bros Vendor Training Room: The beginning of the WB VTR presentation will have realistic combat experiences. Please feel free to stay outside the WB VTR for the first few minutes of the presentation if you do not want to participate in this experience. A WB representative will wait with you and escort you in after the realistic combat has concluded.

Plantronics & PlayStation Vendor Training Rooms: will each have a section of their presentation that features a realistic combat experience.

Activision & PlayStation General Sessions: these sessions will feature realistic combat experiences. Please expect a real combat experience if you choose to stay in the session. If you are uneasy about participating in this experience, follow the above instructions. We will alert you when you can re-enter the presentation after the combat experience has concluded.

Activision App!

Store Leaders Be sure to check out the AQ Trivia site and test the URL and Log in prior to attending the Activision training room during Conference.

Gamer Fund in the house!

Store Leaders...currently support Gamer Fund by contributing from your paycheck? You’re the best and we want to recognize you! Stop by the GamerFund booth Saturday or Sunday upon your arrival at Conference and pick up a free FPS Controller as a thank you gift for your generous donation.

Don’t support Gamer Fund yet? There’s still time! The first 500 Store Leaders to sign up for a recurring payroll donation at the Gamer Fund booth will also receive an FPS controller!

See you at the Gamer Fund booth!

GME Giving Power at Conference

Thank you to all of our associates who entered to win an opportunity to help families in need! Preparing breakfast for the Ronald McDonald House guests of Central Indiana will be a great experience, and your efforts will make a huge difference.

This year we had an overwhelming over 450 submissions! So, we doubled our number of attendees and have created 2 RMH events at Conference. Some of you will participate Saturday night, and some will go on Sunday morning … but you will both have the same experience. See below for the list of winners.

Store On The Floor All Week Long!

We know how much you love shopping for GME apparel and goodies at Conference. So this year, both GameStop Gear and Store on the Floor will be open from Saturday, August 25th - Tuesday evening, August 28th! GameStop Gear will be located in the GameStop Cafe in Hall F of the Indy Convention Center and Store on the Floor will be located in Hall D.

Note: Any items you buy at both GameStop Gear and SOTF are your responsibility. GameStop will not be able to provide shipping back to your home address for any items you purchase. So...plan ahead. Either leave room in your suitcase for any items you purchase at Conference, bring an extra empty suitcase, or save up to cover the cost to ship your items home!

Medical Notes & Special Requests

This year, all medical notes & special requests must be sent to on or before the close of registration on Thursday, July 19th, 2018! Any requests made after the July 19th deadline will not be accepted.

New Mother Policy Registration Deadline

Just like last year, we are excited to announce the continuation of our New Mother Policy. However, this year you must let the Meetings & Travel team know that you want to take advantage of this policy by the close of registration on JULY 19, 2018.You can let the Meetings & Travel team know you are opting in to the New Mother Policy by adding a note in your on-line conference registration, or my e-mail

Unfortunately, if you do not opt in to the New Mother Policy by midnight on JULY 19, 2018, we will not be able to accommodate your request.

You can find the New Mother Policy details here!

Giving you a head's up in General Session & the VTR's!

So that you are prepared for the stimulating audio-visual experiences our vendors will provide at Conference, you will find icons in the Show Guide and the Conference App that indicate when a vendor presentation will contain pyrotechnics, lasers, or realistic combat experiences. If you are uneasy about experiencing any of these elements or have a medical condition preventing you from doing so, please talk to your District Leader, Human Resources Leader, or Regional Leader.

Conference Vendor Gifts and Post-Conference Vendor Sales Incentives

To show appreciation for your team’s continued support, our vendor partners may choose to distribute product samples during Conference. There may also be announcements made at Conference about upcoming sales incentives to be sent upon the launch of particular titles/products.

Please note that attendance at Conference is not a guarantee for receiving future sales incentives. When post-conference sales incentives are sent out, only those associates who are in a Store Leader or Field Leader role at the time of product distribution will be eligible recipients.

It is also important to keep in mind that reselling any company merchandise/vendor gifts on the internet or through any other means for profit is prohibited.