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Conference From Home or From Store

Great news! We heard your feedback last year about the virtual conference location. Some of you want to Conference from home and some of you loved Conference from your store! This year, you have the power! Each Store Leader will participate in our virtual Conference from their store or from their home. Please list your preferred location in the registration portal. Remember..."with great power comes great responsiblity!" So whereever you decide to Conference from, you'll need to be 100% present and focused on Conference!

New 2021 Conference App

You know us! We're always looking to take Conference to the next level, and Virtual Conference is no excpetion. The 2021 virtual world will be a fully 3D experience! You will create your own avatar when you log-in and your avatar will walk around our Conference World for a Conference Adventure. Your avatar will be able to high-five your friends as you see them, bust a move if you feel like dancing, speak live to your friends in the app, and maybe even play a little basketball. Our new Conference App also has spacial audio capabilities. So you won't just be text chatting this year, no way! You'll be able to voice chat in real time!

VTR Rotations

Guess what...VTRs will be live again this year! Vendors will have avatars too and they can present live from the stage in their VTR. Much like in-person Conference they'll have stage talent, pre-recorded segments and game-play. They can even web-stream, screen-share and interact with you guys in the audience live! This means we'll be breaking you up into VTR rotations again this year. But instead of 24, we'll only have 4 groups. This also means since VTRs are live this year, you'll need to adhere to the Conference schedule and you will NOT be able to view VTRs at another time. But, get excited because your favrite vendor partners are back live on stage!

Meet Anime Voice Actor Cole Feuchter

Meet Anime Voice Actor Cole Feuchter –known for his work in the English dub of Ishida and Asakura!

Cole is a former GameStop SL and Gamer Fund Grant Recipient – he will be at GameStop’s Virtual Conference Expo on September 15 as the Gamer Fund’s special guest!

Stop by to meet the artist and learn more about our charitable organization @ Expo, 2nd Floor Booth D20.

You can view the full-length article that is now on Inside GameStop here. We look forward to seeing you there!