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The Rules

Conference is Coming!

With our first ever Virtual Conference just around the corner, we all have questions about the experience. What time does it start? How will it flow? Why is the sky blue? So, we’ve created the below cheat sheet to help guide you through the next few weeks.


All Store Leaders (SL) will be issued dedicated hours to complete their mandatory Conference training. They should plan to follow the conference schedule as communicated (If the session is scheduled for Wednesday, you should complete it on Wednesday, if at all possible). The schedule will be on a “rolling start” - so if a session starts 1-hour before the normal opening time, they should plan to be in the store with the TV on 1-hour before their specific store opens. (ie. if your store opens at 11:00 am, then you should be ready to go with GSTV on at 10:00am in your time zone.)

Missing/Make-Ups: While we expect all SLs to attend on the Wednesday a session is scheduled (and Thursday for Expo), we know that there will be a few instances where an SL will need to make-up this session. If you are unable to attend the Wednesday session you will be allowed to make up this training prior to the end of the week.
Vacation & LOA: If an Store Leader is on vacation or a leave of absence, they can push their hours to the next week(s) to complete their training. You do not need to notify anyone to reallocate your hours, but you can not use more hours than you have been allocated for Conference. (Your hours will be reviewed weekly to confirm use.)
All Other Store Associates: All other store associates will not receive dedicated hours to attend Conference, but they will have the opportunity to experience the General Sessions, Vendor Training Rooms, and Expo if they elect to do so, while clocked in and during any down time they may have during their shift. Attendance for these associates is strictly voluntary.


While participating in Conference, associates at all levels (whether they have dedicated Conference hours or not) are required to take breaks in accordance with GameStop’s Rest and Meal Break Policy.

Method of Participation

By this time your method of participation should be finalized. Meaning you have access on our store’s iPad, POS or have made other arrangements. Below are the contacts for any issues you have during Conference:

GSTV: If your GSTV does not turn on at the correct time, please have your DM email to update your store operating hours. For all other issues please call the GSTV Support number at 1-800-678-4151.
iPad: Please call the Store Tech Support at 1-888-435-7860 for any iPad issues.
LevelUp: Please call the Store Tech Support at 1-888-435-7860 for any LevelUp issues.
GSO: Please email for any GSO related issues.

Types of Participation

On the Conference timeline (the chart with all those pretty colors and timing), you’ll notice 2 different types of Conference weeks: Conference Weeks & Hype Weeks.

Conference Week: A Conference Week is a week where the SL will receive dedicated hours to participate in Conference content. All SLs should plan to participate on Wednesdays when possible and complete Expo on the Thursday as it’s scheduled.
Hype Week: During a Hype Week you will not receive dedicated hours as there will be no mandatory content delivered on these weeks. We are reserving these weeks to incorporate a little fun from now through Black Friday.

While we don’t have anything scheduled yet, we’re working on cool contests, prizes, cheat sheets from vendors and maybe even a couple of cool T’s to wear in store. Please remember that all contests are voluntary/optional, and you will not be paid for participating in these fun elements … but if you’re lucky you’ll win some great prizes.

General Sessions

Store Leaders will receive dedicated time to view general sessions on GSTV prior to store opening. You should plan to view your general session on GSTV exactly 1-hour prior to your store opening. If for some reason you miss a GSTV screening, these will be available on GSO to watch at another time.

All Other Store Associates will watch general sessions on GSO. They will not have dedicated hours, but they can watch these during any down time they have.

If your stores operating hours change, please have your DM email Work Force Management with your new operating hours to ensure your GSTV turns on at the correct time.

Vendor Training Rooms & Focus Area Training

Store Leaders will receive dedicated time to participate in training sessions on LevelUp immediately following the general session on Wednesdays. (Don’t forget to squeeze in your break.) LevelUp will be tracking user completion, so make sure you finish the session in its entirety and click complete when you are done. If a vendor offers Software Sales Incentives, you will only be eligible if you complete their session. In any open-ended quiz questions, we expect SLs to provide open and honest but respectful feedback without any derogatory comments. All responses will be given directly to our vendors.

All Other Store Associates can participate in training sessions via LevelUp starting the Thursday after they are scheduled. Other store associates will not have dedicated hours, but they can watch these during any down time they have.


Vendors will be attending this experience “live” from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Since attendees will be participating in live chat sessions with our vendors, this time is not flexible, and the Expo cannot be experienced on a later date. You can expect fun vendor interaction, exciting new launch information and a gamified experience with a leaderboard (be on the look-out for Easter eggs!). Store Leaders will receive dedicated time to participate in Expo via the Expo app on Thursday, October 29 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm in their time zone.

If Other Store Associates would like to experience the Expo, it will be available via the Expo app to them starting Thursday, Oct 29 at 2:00 pm (in their time zone). They will not receive dedicated hours, but they can view the Expo during any down time they have. Vendors will not be available for live chat during these extended hours, but all other content will be available. The Expo doors will close on Sunday, November 1 at 10:00 pm.

Team Conference Calls

Each Store Leader will participate in the following calls and receive dedicated hours for their participation.

• Regional Celebration Call: 1 hour in the days following Conference close (to be scheduled by the Regional Director (RD))
• District Wrap-Up Call: 1 hour following your Regional Celebration call (to be scheduled by the DM)

Social Media & Confidentiality

GameStop encourages responsible social media use at Conference consistent with its policy on Social Media Communication included in the Associate Handbook. Inappropriate postings that may include discriminatory remarks, harassment, or threats of violence or similar inappropriate or unlawful conduct will not be tolerated and may subject you to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. You may choose to tweet, blog, or post images and information about the overall feel and excitement of the event, but you are not required or expected to do so.

Do not share specific gaming images, release dates, corporate information, or anything presented as or reasonably known to be confidential information. If an announcement is presented as or reasonably known to be confidential information, you may NOT share that information on any social medium (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, texts to friends/colleagues, etc.). This is considered a direct breach of confidentiality and could result in immediate expulsion from Conference and termination of employment.

Conference Facebook Page

So far, there are over 1,300 members in the Conference FaceBook page. If you’re on FaceBook and want to get sneak peeks and talk with your peers about everything Conference, feel free to join us in “GameStop Conference” group. You must complete all questions and accept the group rules so we can verify your employment before you are accepted. This is a great place to share fun stores, brag about your latest GameStop swag, and get tips on Conference. Remember: do not post urgent/important info to the FB group. If you have an important/urgent question please email us

Have Fun!

Don’t forget, this is the first Virtual Conference for all of us. Is it going to be perfect for everyone? No … that never happens. But we’re doing our best to create rules and guidelines to give everyone the best experience in this new environment. So, get ready. Conference is coming next week!