Meetings, Travel, & Space Information


Dates TO Know

Tuesday, May 5: Registration opens for Field Leadership
Tuesday, May 19: Registration opens for Store Leaders

Wednesday, July 22: Registration closes!

Airfare / driving

Please make sure you have selected the correct method of transportation on your registration. If there is an error and you need it updated, please contact Ashley Rasmussen at


Just like last year, registration is a two-step process. Once your registration is complete, the Meetings & Travel team will upload your e-mail address into the travel portal. This process might take a few days. You will NOT be able to book a flight to Conference until you have completed the registration process.

Please Note: After you complete registration, please give the Meetings & Travel team 6 days to load your e-mail into the travel portal. Once you have been loaded into the system, you will receive an e-mail from the travel company to the e-mail address you listed in registration notifying you that you are eligible to book your Conference flight.

If after 6 days, you still have not received an eligibility e-mail, please go back in to the registration system to make sure you completed registration. Remember: you'll receive a confirmation e-mail from them confirming your registration. If you find you have completed your registration, please e-mail

To book your flight

After you register for Conference, you should receive an email within a few days from the travel company. Be sure to check your spam folder, just in case!

We’ll be posting details on how to book your flight soon!

Travel Buddy

If you would like to travel with a colleague(s), we highly recommend travel buddies register and book their flight on the same day to ensure the flight is available. Expenses related to flight changes to match a travel buddy will be the responsibility of the traveler and will NOT be covered by GameStop. Please make sure to check with your travel buddy before booking.

flight Itinerary

Your itinerary will then be automatically sent to the e-mail you enter during the registration process. All itineraries are sent from the travel company, so please make sure to check your spam as well.


If you elect to drive to Indy, you (the driver) will only be reimbursed for the mileage from your home (less your normal commute to your store) and this amount may not exceed the average cost of a plane ticket from your departure city. There is no gas reimbursement.

Expense reports for conference travel expenses must be submitted no later than October 23, 2020. You may NOT submit any Conference related expenses through GOTime. You must submit your expense report using this excel spreadsheet and submit to


Please be aware that our policy prohibits friends and family members at the conference during conference days/times; and all attendees MUST stay at the conference hotel during our dates as assigned by the Conference team. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the conference and make sure that all attendees are 100% focused on networking with their peers, education, and vendor training. We have created these rules in order to make it fair to all attendees.

If family or friends choose to vacation with you before or after the conference, they must depart the day conference begins and may not arrive until the day of all departures.

Shuttle Schedule

Shuttles will be provided for all attendees on Monday, August 31 from Indianapolis Airport to your assigned hotel (shuttles will run from 7:00 am – 4:00 pm). These shuttles have been pre-paid for you and include greeters at the airport, baggage handling, transportation and tips. If you elect to not use this service when you arrive, other forms of transportation are not a reimbursable expense. Just look for a GameStop sign when you arrive at your assigned baggage claim to board the shuttle.