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You Asked, We Answered

Each year after Conference you receive a survey from the GameStop Meetings & Travel team. We ask you to rate Conference speakers, vendors, expos, all the logistics, and give us your unfiltered feedback, questions, and comments. Well, guess what? We read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR COMMENTS! And we take them to heart too! We use your comments, questions and feedback as a starting point in planning the next year’s conference, and we can't wait to tell you what's in store for 2019!

Below are some of your comments/questions from this year's survey that we've answered. Hope the below provides you some insight into some of the questions/comments you brought up!

Here we go!

Q/C: What do I do with my Vendor Incentive Code if I don’t want it?
A: Great Question! Do NOT let these go to waste – they’re not free! Only 30% of SLs in 2017 downloaded the Conference digital codes from Xbox meaning Microsoft lost 1.5 million dollars on the 70% of codes not downloaded. If you don’t want to use the digital code you receive from Vendors at Conference, pass it down to your store employees. That way, the vendors see high adoption rate, they keep giving you digital codes at Conference, and your Store associates get a little perk as well.

Q/C: Conference is awesome but I’m exhausted by the last day. Can we move leadership training to the front of the agenda?
A: So, you’re about the 999,999 person who has asked – it’s a great question. The answer is no – but I wish. Here is why: Every convention center only has so much space. We use ALL of it. It takes a vendor training room at least 2 days to set-up and do rehearsals but they can breakdown their equipment in about 6 hours. Then, we reset that room for leadership training the next morning. If we moved leadership training to Monday, the vendors wouldn’t be able to set-up their VTRs. Which means you would be sitting in a boring ballroom with a plain ole screen with a presenter who hasn’t practiced at all. We don’t want to set them up for failure and want to make sure you have a great VTR experience!

Q/C: Indianapolis was fantastic!!! I love having conference in an area that is NOT over run by tourists. ALSO PLEASE bring back the Hip Hues custom screen printers! They were awesome!
A: Well I’ve got double good news for you. Right now we’re planning a 3 year rotation between Indy, Nashville and Anaheim. We’re also looking at a couple of more cities but they’ll be the same feel – walkable city with lots of stuff to do – but not a metropolis-like city – a city we can take over! Also, we’re def bringing Hip Hues back. I don’t think a lot of attendees knew what to do with that last year. Where is it? What is it? Is it free? I’m hoping if we bring them back more people take advantage of it – it’s so fun and I LOVE my T’s I got at Conference.

Q/C: I really did not like the options for the specialty meals. The amount of peanut/nut products and cross contamination was unacceptable.
A: Oh fudge! Sorry. We’ll watch for that next year. PS – next year, please give us immediately feedback on stuff like this. The event team is always around and we can fix issues like menus, temperature, rooming, etc in a snap. Just grab us! (not literally – HR wouldn’t like that)

Q/C: no kudos, only painful experiences from the hotel.
A: Ok. a little tough love here. Don’t wait until the survey to tell us stuff like this. It’s anonymous so we can’t reach out to you to find out what happened and if you would have told us on-site we would have fixed whatever it was immediately. We love that sh*t. Don’t be afraid to tell an event team member when something goes awry. That’s what we’re there for.

Q/C: Travis was the best
A: Who the hell is Travis? Lol

Q/C: Staff for the hotels did an amazing job
A: You apparently did not stay at the same hotel as the dude above. Glad you had a great experience.

Q/C: The planning team needs a lot more work in this area. Being asked to sleep on a pullout couch for (4) nights is completely unreasonable. In the future you should let your employees know EXACTLY what their accommodations will be (not might be) . They should have a choice not to attend if certain basic wishes can’t be met.
A: The planning team doesn’t assign your room. The hotel does. So, we don’t know for sure what type of room you’ll get. Most hotels have about 60% doubles and 40% kings. We need about 85% doubles. That doesn’t exist at a hotel. So, roll-aways and pullouts are a necessary evil. I don’t like it – but that’s what we’re working with. PS. I also wish I could get everything I wished for – I’ve wished for genie powers like 3 times this year.

Q/C: Thanks again for all the hard work you guys put in behind the scenes to make conference happen. Improved behavior at Snack Time was good. Hey, is someone really reading this? I lost my Black Ops 3 "Know Your Enemy" "TOP 1000" Club hoody at conference. Either on the bus when arriving or when i got my Badge/Show Bag... Anybody find it?
A: LMAO. This is seriously an anonymous survey. I have no idea who you are even if I found it.

Q/C: I loved the area for conference and appreciate the hard work of all involved in setting up this experience.
A: I love you!

Q/C: have other drinks besides bland lemonaide and nasty tea
A: lol quit hatin on my menus. Ok. I hear you. We’ll work on it for Nashville!

Q/C: The food truck thing was a nice idea, however it's too hot outside for things like that while we're at conference. nobody wants to sweat to death before going to district dinner.
A:OMG! Right?!? We really thought it was going to be storming on Sunday. But we wished so hard the rain moved to Saturday (hmm. Maybe I do have genie powers). Then we thought it was going to be like 70 degrees. WTH happened? I still want to do these because they’re a lot of fun, not your boring box lunch and I love food trucks – but we’ll start getting fans, umbrellas and misters if there’s a chance it’ll be hot.

Q/C: I'm still appreciative of everything the event planning staff went through to make this happen. I know it's hard to please thousands of people, so thank you for all your hard work to make conference happen. I look forward to Nashville next year.
A: Thanks for getting it! We know you can’t please everyone. So we aim to please as many as possible. Nashville is going to be awesome. I will say it has it’s challenges. There is less space at the convention center so the flow may be a bit weird and we have to use more hotels … but the city experience should be worth the few logistics challenges. If you haven’t been to Nashville … it’s an amazing city! If you like music – you’ll flip. Find an event teamer and tell us what you think!

That's all we got for this page for now! but if you have specific questions that you can't find the answer to on this page or the other pages on the Conference website, send us an email at and we'll be happt to answer your question...see you in Music City in August!