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You Asked, We Answered

Each year after Conference you receive a survey from the GameStop Meetings & Travel team. We ask you to rate Conference speakers, vendors, expos, all the logistics, and give us your unfiltered feedback, questions, and comments. Well, guess what? We read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR COMMENTS! And we take them to heart too! We use your comments, questions and feedback as a starting point in planning the next year’s conference, and we can't wait to tell you what's in store for 2018!

This year, we wanted to take a little time to respond to some of your questions & comments from the 2017 Conference survey. Hope the below provides you some insight into some of the questions/comments you brought up!

Here we go!

Q/C: I have attended 11 conferences and this was the best one yet. The changes made to arrival day which helped us decompress and enjoy time with our peers was amazing.
A: Not a question but I love this comment! Glad you enjoyed the casual-vibe of the arrival last year. We had such an overwhelmingly positive response we’re keeping it Here’s the thing though. We need more energy Monday morning for opening general morning. How do we do that? Shockers under the seat?

Q/C: I would like to have access to the general session keynote speakers if not the vendors themselves to watch with our team after conference, to have them experience the energy of our Company Leadership.
A: A. This is a good idea. I’ll pass this on to Tiffany Tennison at GSTV and see if they can pull something together.

Q/C: Other than extending time for certain events and not compacting it into a few days the conference was really fun and informative
A: A. Yes, Conference is packed with training, networking and fun. You’re exhausted when you leave. I get it, but this is how most Conferences are. The goal is to strategically use every bit of time to accomplish the most in a few short days.

Q/C: SNACK TIME Can we please do something about this? This was INSANE. People turned into vicious animals, pushing, shoving, and Hoarding food. It was ridiculous to see this sort of behavior.
A: OMG! Right? It’s redick. Please, please, please if you’re reading this. Stop the madness! It’s food for the love of everything, not gold.

Q/C: For my first conference, it was everything I had hoped and more. The fact that this has set the standard, I'm looking forward to next year and seeing what could be different. The only thing I would like to suggest is to have more food for the expo because that was the best food in the whole trip! I loved it!
A: A. Ok. Tip. I do this every year! I save up all my pennies and bring out the yummies at Expo. That’s fun for me. Also, Vegas is EXPENSIVE! Terribly. So much in fact that the chef has to create more affordable menus for us to be able to go there. Not in Indy! No Sir (or ma’am)! Totally affordable. I just did the menus and you’ll love everything you eat … every day … at every meal.

Q/C: The lunch and breakfast situation is absolute BS on their end. The food is put up way too fast, to a point where god forbid someone has to use the restroom they're screwed at getting food. The serving staff was absolutely rude.
A: There were several comments like this. And I have to say – I’m so sorry! I didn’t hear any of these complaints until the last day of Conference. So, here’s your take-away … if this EVER happens again, please notify the event team immediately. If you can get the staff members name – let us know that too. Customer Service is the most important thing to my team (Meetings & Travel) and the event team. We will be all over them!

Q/C: The order of events threw me off. I didn't come away with any clear message- felt that our DL's would do that when we got back. We should have touched more on what we would be covering so as to be prepared and known what to look for.
A: Wait – what? Did you say you need the agenda? Done! It’s on our website, on GSO, in the show guide when you arrive and on the conference app. If you still need help with the order of events, email us and let us know – or grab an event team member on site.

Q/C: As always, I am in shock that this monster runs at all. Yet, somehow, the conference team manages to make it a simple and easy event to attend every year. Thank you for yet another exceptional conference, and know that I appreciate your tireless work behind the scenes.
A: yeah, buddy! Thanks so much. The event team crushes it every year. So proud of them. You should see the massive party that we have on the last night of Conference … .oh I could tell you stories.

Q/C: Stop going to Vegas! It's too hot, expensive and unless you're a gambler, there's not much to do. Go somewhere else!
A: Agreed! Ugh – Vegas. We’ll be hitting a few new cities in the next few years. Indy, Nashville & Anaheim … something for everyone!

Q/C: I had great conversations with our fantastic HR team, the SSC IRL, and with our many vendors. It has really allowed me to expand my knowledge and will definitely impact the way I run my business and how I will look at my career within this company!
A: This is great to hear! We’ll have the SSC IRL back this year. Go see the departments again in the Café Saturday – Tuesday.

Q/C: Always wonder why we don't get the regional breakouts and company vision training done on Day One; the energy level on the last day is always so poor.
A: I get this question every year. Ok. here we go. Convention Centers only have enough space for 1 set of our training – Either VTRs or Corp Training. It takes the VTRs 2 days to set-up some of their elaborate stages and cool stuff. It only takes them a few hours to break it down. If we put the Corp Training on the front end, the vendors wouldn’t be able to create all of those awesome set-ups that they do every year. Unfortunately, due to space constraints, we can’t flip it … we’ve tried.

Q/C: Loved the slomo booth and I enjoyed talking to the SSC people as well!
A:This year we’ve come up with a few cool new engagement elements. Flip books and Hip Hues are my faves! Check them out on arrival!

Q/C: You NEED to set designated doors within each vendor training class for exit and entrance. Have GS support staff in each room to direct traffic to follow the proper routes to keep from bottlenecking everywhere.
A: Got it. We actually do this. We let each vendor know ahead of time their entrance and exit door to create the best flow. They do this 99% of the time, but sometimes we need to adjust last minute due to their set-up. We don’t have enough event team to be at every door, but we’ll work to provide better coverage this year. Thanks for your feedback!

Q/C: It's always the best time of year for me. Literally I have the time of my life at these events. Nothing compares. I always think about the work that is put into making this so great and I sincerely thank you for EVERYTHING you all do. This is the reason I will work here as long as Gamestop will have me. To me this is where family starts and family is the most important thing to me! I ALWAYS feel like family here.
A: Awe. All the feels! Q: Another quality conference. Each year we learn and apply new ideas to following years and it always makes me excited to see what you have in store for us. Thanks!
A: Thank you for noticing! I can honestly say that our executive team, HR team and event team read EVERY SINGLE BIT of the survey every year. We look for the commonalities in the responses and try to tackle those first. Each year we strive to improve and get better! We hope we’re accomplishing that!

Q/C: The warning for the CoD experience did not make me realize there would be such loud sounds and pyrotechnics. I don't have a problem with them, just did not realize what was going t I happen. It was really awesome though.
A: Ok. So for those of you that don’t know … in the show guide we have a key for sessions that have realistic combat, pyro and lasers. Please look out for these!

That's all we got for this page for now! but if you have specific questions that you can't find the answer to on this page or the other pages on the Conference website, send us an email at and we'll be happt to answer your question...see you in Indy!